DSC 214 Polyma (Netzsch)

The differential scanning calorimeter works on the basis of the heat-flux principle during thermal transformation.

Basic parameters and capabilities of the device:

  • temperature range from -170 ° C * to 600 ° C
  • heating / cooling rate: 0.001K / min to 500K / min (maximum heating / cooling rates depend on the temperature range)
  • Indu index (height to width ratio):> 100 mW / K
  • 20-position autosampler
  • the ability to test samples weighing from 5-200 mg (depending on the nature of the test substance)
  • enthalpy precision: ± 0.05% to ± 0.2% for most materials
  • MDSC temperature modulation

* IC70 (-70°C to 600°C) – intracooler, liquid nitrogen (-170°C to 600°C) in the case of analysis, the cost of liquid nitrogen must be added.

Determination of the temperature and thermal effects of endo- and exothermic transformations of various types of chemical reactions and phase transformations. The processes that can be studied by DSC techniques are: melting, crystallization, evaporation, sublimation, phase equilibrium, glass and polymorphic transformations, formation of inclusion complexes, compound formation, dehydration, isomerization, adsorption and decomposition.

More information available here

The device is located in the Chair and Department of Chemical Technology of Therapeutic Measures, Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Grunwaldzka 6. Device operator: prof. dr hab. Ewa Tykarska, email: etykarska@ump.edu.pl, phone: 61 854 66 63