The D2 PHASER powder diffractometer by Bruker.

The D2 PHASER is a mobile, table-top X-ray device, working in Bragga-Brentano geometry. The main element of the diffractometer is the goniometer, to which arms are mounted:

  • X-ray lamp with chassis and clamping handle
  • sample holder
  • detector (scintillation counter or LYNXEYE) with clamping handle, X-ray optics in primary and secondary circuit i.e. slit module

X-ray lamp is an X-ray radiation source. XEYE is a one-dimensional X-ray detector, which, compared to traditional (single-point) detectors, significantly increases the speed of measurements without adversely affecting the resolution and shape of diffraction lines. The slots define the opening of the detector window. The holders are used to mount the sample.

With the appropriate software, D2 PHASER enables complete XRD analyzes. Typical applications include:

  • Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis,
  • Determination of the share of the crystalline phase,
  • Determination of crystal parameters such as crystallite size and stress,
  • Determination of the crystal structure.