Bioimaging Laboratory:

  • inverted fluorescence microscope (Zeiss: AxioVert.A1) with a set of filters enabling work with all known dyes, equipped with 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x, 100x lenses and a high-resolution digital color camera and an advanced image analysis system (Zeiss: Intellesis)
  • inverted fluorescence microscope with an advanced image analysis system (Zeiss Axio Vert.A1)
  • brightfield microscope with an advanced image analysis system (Zeiss Axio Lab.A1)
  • microscope with laser microdissection system (Zeiss Axio Observer.Z1)
  • imaging system for gel and western blot analysis (Bio-Rad: ChemiDoc Imaging System)

Protein Laboratory:

  • vertical electrophoresis systems for 10 cm and 20 cm gels (Bio-Rad: Protean Tetra, Protean xi)
  • preparative electrophoresis system with a fraction collector (BioRad: Prepcell 491)
  • blotting transfer system (Bio-Rad: Protean, Transblot Turbo)
  • centrifuge with cooling and replaceable rotor sets (Eppendorf: 5810R)
  • platform shaker (Heidolph: Unimax 1010)
  • platform shaker with temperature control (Heidolph: Titramax 1000)
  • incubator hood with shaker (Edmund Buhler: KS15 + TH15)
  • shaking heating block (Biosan: TS-100C)
  • pH/Ion benchtop meter (Mettler Toledo: S220 SevenCompact)
  • ultracentrifuge (Thermo Sorvall MX120+)
  • scales (Kern)
  • water bath

Immunochemistry Laboratory:

  • microtome (Leica: RM2125 RTS)
  • incubator (Memmert)
  • tissue processor (Leica TP1020)
  • cryostat (Thermo Scientific: HM525NX)
  • electronic rotary microtome (Thermo Scientific: HM340E) along with the water track and cooling in the STSIII system (Microm)
  • system for embedding histological preparations (Especialidades Medicas Myr: EC350)
  • automatic staining instrument (Ventana: Benchmark XT)
  • heating plate (Anga: PG99)

Cell Culture Laboratory:

  • class II biological safety cabinet with laminar airflow system and full equipment: aspirators and dispensers (Thermo Scientific: Safe 2020)
  • CO2 incubators (Thermo Scientific: 371)
  • inverted microscopes (Zeiss: Primo Vert)
  • centrifuge (Eppendorf: 5702)
  • mini-centrifuge (Eppendorf: Minispin)
  • electroporator (Eppendorf: Eporator)
  • dewars with liquid nitrogen
  • water bath
  • ultrasonic homogeniser (Bandelin: Sonopuls HD 3200)
  • chamber autoclave (SciCan Bravo)
  • automated cell counter (Bio-Rad: TC20)

Molecular Biology Laboratory I:

  • next generation sequencing (NGS) (Life Technologies: Ion torrent)
  • thermal cycler with gradient system (Bio-Rad: T-100)
  • thermal cycler (Thermo Scientific 7500)
  • laminar chamber (Faster: Safe Fast Classic)
  • nucleic acid isolator (Perkin Elmer: chemagic 360)

Molecular Biology Laboratory II:

  • droplet digital PCR (Bio-Rad: QX200)
  • thermal cycler (Roche: Cobas z480)
  • thermal cycler (Thermo Scientific 7500)
  • nucleic acid isolator (Promega: RSC48)
  • horizontal electrophoresis systems (Bio-Rad: SubCell Mini, Subcell Wide)
  • centrifuge with cooling and replaceable rotor sets (Eppendorf: 5810R)
  • laminar chamber (Faster: Safe Fast Classic)
  • plate centrifuge (Labnet: MPS 1000)

Biochemistry Laboratory:

  • flow cytometer (GUAVA EasyCyte 6HT-2L)
  • Spectrophotometer with microvolume and cuvette absorbance technology (Thermo Scientific: NanoDrop onec)
  • multi-mode microplate reader for wide range of applications in fluorescence, luminescence, UV-Vis (BioTek: Synergy H1)
  • block heater with shaker (Eppendorf: ThermoMixer C)
  • centrifuge with cooling and replaceable rotor sets (Eppendorf: 5804R)
  • thermoblock (Benchmark scientific: My block)

Microbiology Laboratory:

  • laminar chamber (Thermo Scientific: Safe 2020)
  • platform shaker (Heidolph: Unimax 1010)
  • magnetic stirrers (Heidolph)
  • incubator (PolEko: CLM53)
  • mini-centrifuge (Eppendorf: Minispin Plus)

Washing room:

  • dishwasher (Renggli: SalvisLab 1160)

Sterilization room:

  • autoclaves (Panasonic)