Poznan University of Medical Sciences Core Facility invites all scientists from our University to carry out scientific research in the laboratories of our unit (also in the ad hoc formula). The Core Facility provides the opportunity to perform scientific experiments (modeling biological processes, pathological conditions, etc.) on normal or tumor cells, including primary material and commercial-established cell lines. We offer the possibility of conducting interventional experiments based on chemical inhibition, as well as increasing or decreasing expression of specific genes using molecular biology methods. In addition, we offer the opportunity to conduct in vitro experiments in standard and hypoxic conditions. We also encourage you to use the available devices of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of RNA, DNA and protein levels. In this regard, we provide the possibility of imaging using light, fluorescence and scanning microscopy, evaluation of the gene expression, their polymorphisms and mutations, as well as protein evaluation using the following methods: enzyme immunoassay (ELISA), western-blot and flow cytometry.

In addition, we offer the possibility of using other, unique techniques, including: sorting cells, laser microdissection, centrifugation at high speeds (up to 414,600 xg, which corresponds to 80,000 rpm), high-performance liquid chromatography and a spectrometer for proteomic tests and devices made available through the so-called Virtual Access Paths.

We also provide an option to store biological material in low-temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen. Scientists who have an appropriate authorization to work with laboratory animals may, after obtaining the appropriate consent from the Local Ethical Committee for Experiments on Animals in Poznan, take an advantage of the possibility of conducting in vivo experiments in the Experimental Animal Laboratory, which is subject to the PUMS Core Facility.

Researchers interested in conducting their projects at the PUMS Core Facility can work independently on the selected equipment or may commission all or part of the tests to the qualified personnel. The PUMS Core facility staff also provide assistance in planning scientific experiments and interpreting results.

PUMS Core Facility – We are here to help!