Roentgen diffractometer SuperNova (Dual Source) by Agilent Technologies (currently Rigaku Oxford Diffraction)

SuperNova is a diffractometer designed mainly for single-crystal measurements, equipped in two micro-focusing X-ray sources: molybdenum (Mova λ = 0.71073) and copper (Nova λ = 1.54178). This device has a four-wheel goniometer in kappa geometry and an Atlas CCD detector. In order to ensure optimal operation of the X-ray source and detector work, it has an external cooling system with a closed coolant circuit. Additionally, this machine is equipped with a low-temperature Oxford Cryosteam 700 adapter, that enables measurements in the temperature range of 80-400K.

With proper software, complete XRD analysis can be done. Full-controlled work of this apparatus is obtained with the CrysAlis program. Integrating this system with others (OLEX, AutoChem etc.) allows for a complete solution and refinement of the crystal structure. The available software also allows simple measurements of powder samples.

The device is located in the Department of Organic Chemistry, located at 6 Grunwaldzka Street. The device operators are: Agata Ostrowska, Ph.D. (agataostrowska@ump.edu.pl; phone. 61 854 66 69) and prof. Andrzej Gzella (e-mail: akgzella@ump.edu.pl, phone. 61 854 66 79).